Alfina Badolato/For the Times Herald-Record:

They’re depending on you.

The Sullivan County single mom of two young daughters, who couldn’t pay the rent because she missed work when her 2-year-old unexpectedly needed multiple visits to the emergency room.

The Ulster County wife and mom of three, left struggling when her husband lost his job because his car broke down. Unable to afford to have the vehicle repaired, the family faced mounting heating bills, now that they were temporarily left with just the wife’s income.

The Orange County man who lost crucial income from his job when he contracted COVID-19 and fell behind in his rent payments.

These are but a few of the many stories of our Hudson Valley and Catskills neighbors – normally stable and self-supporting – who are now fearful that they won’t be able to overcome these unanticipated obstacles. Yet, a one-time bit of help would make a world of difference to these folks – people like you and me – who are facing a temporary setback.

Help is offered to people who have been able to financially support themselves until a major unexpected event changes their circumstances. Could be your neighbor, friend, colleague or even a stranger. The expectation is that recipients will go back to being self-supporting afterward.

  • Rent arrears were paid for Orange County man who had battled COVID.
  • The Ulster County family’s utility bill was paid, and they’re now maintaining a payment agreement.
  • Rent was paid for the Sullivan County single mom whose daughter had previously fallen ill.

About the Fund

The People for People Fund offers a one-time grant to steadily employed local people who have normally been self-supporting until an unexpected financial emergency arises. The Fund’s assistance should significantly resolve the problem and help the individual resume financial stability.

Since 1985, the fund has helped thousands of local people. To learn more about contributing, volunteering or applying for help, call 845-343-1663.