Fina Badolato For the Times Herald-Record Published

Even if you do everything right, something can still go wrong.

And when that setback is an unexpected financial emergency, even a normally self-supporting, regularly employed family can suddenly find itself devastated.

That’s when the People for People Fund steps up to provide temporary help, thanks to the generosity of community donors like you who are reading this story. Formed in 1985 by the Times Herald-Record and the Junior League of Orange County, People for People gives a modest one-time grant to regularly employed folks who have been blindsided by a medical expense, job cutback, vehicle breakdown, home repair or other unforeseen expense or loss.

The Fund provides a means for people to help each other in our communities — Orange, Sullivan and Ulster counties in New York, and parts of Pike County, Pa. “People don’t choose life’s hardships, but people can choose to help others,” said Nolly Climes, People for People Fund board president.

Since its first campaign in 1985, the People for People Fund has distributed more than $5.2 million — with over $90,000 awarded in 2021.

These good works, however, can’t happen without the generosity of local donors who care about their neighbors. People for People is counting on the community to support its annual fundraising campaign, which runs now through early January 2023.

Support comes from the voluntary donations of community and religious groups, businesses and mostly individuals — with dedicated Fund volunteers working tirelessly with recipients each step of the way. The Times Herald-Record newspaper provides a venue to help the Fund connect with those who need help — and those who can help.

In the coming weeks, you’ll be reading stories about people a lot like you and me — perhaps your neighbor, co-worker, friend or a complete stranger — whose lives have been transformed, thanks to your donations.

Other life crises continue to happen during times of hardship, such as the COVID pandemic, said Marsi Clark, the Fund’s executive director. “Before, during and after, the People for People Fund and our volunteers were still there to help our fellow neighbors,” she said. “A cancer diagnosis or some other unexpected medical diagnosis, a car breaks down, you have an accident, a pipe freezes, there’s storm damage, jobs are cut back or eliminated … we are helping them over that bump in the road so they can continue to meet their monthly obligations.”

Added board president Climes, “in times like this, your donation truly makes a huge difference.”

About the Fund: The People for People Fund offers a one-time grant to steadily employed local people who have normally been self-supporting until an unexpected financial emergency arises. To learn more, call 343-1663, or to donate online, visit, and click on Donate, where you’ll be taken to the Fund’s donation page at the Community Foundation of Orange & Sullivan website.