How It Works


Applying for a grant is simple and the evaluation and approval process can be quick.

The People For People Fund, Inc. is supported through voluntary donations and dedicated volunteers.  As a grass roots organization which is sustained through individual donations, the Fund encourages and applauds the generous support provided by local businesses, schools and civic organizations.

Donations come from neighbors and school kids, civic groups, businesses, houses of worship and organizations.  The Fund is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of residents of the community we serve who work to ensure that the whole operation runs smoothly, and a part-time paid executive director supervises the fund.

Our office is staffed and applications processed year-round by these dedicated volunteers. The requests for assistance are generally modest – a car payment so a parent can get to work, textbooks for a student, a cord of firewood to keep a family warm, a bus ticket so a senior citizen can visit a sick friend – but for those who seek respite at People for People’s door it makes all the difference in the world.



Our primary focus is on applicants who are steadily employed who experience a temporary financial emergency or need that cannot be funded by other public or private sources. Unemployed applicants who have a steady work history and are receiving unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation or short-term disability benefits also may qualify.

These individuals are normally able to take care of their own needs but are unable to do so when a sudden event has created a temporary financial emergency. It is expected and anticipated that with help from this Fund, the problem will be resolved and the applicant will become self-sufficient again. All assistance is subject to budgetary limitations. 

If your application is approved, payment is made directly to the landlord, vendor or service provider.

Call for an application: (845) 343-1663

The Qualifications

  • Reside in our service area of Orange, Sullivan and Ulster counties in New York.
  • Be self-supporting with a steady employment history or with other work-related income.
  • Have a recent and unexpected event causing a temporary financial hardship and have explored other avenues of financial relief

This one-time grant should help resolve the problem. There are budgetary limits and restrictions.

The Process

  • Apply directly through the link on our website, or print a paper application from our website, or call our office at 845-343-1663 and request one be mailed to you.
  • Submit a completed application with all supporting documents online or by mail or fax. Include proof of unexpected event, proof of all income, along with current rent/mortgage statements and utility bills. (See application instructions for additional details.)
  • Participate in a follow-up phone call to discuss your application in more detail; you may be asked to provider additional information.
  • Allow at least two weeks for application to be processed.

If your application is approved, payment is made directly to the landlord, vendor or service provider.


If you have additional questions,

please contact us at (845) 343-1663.

How do I apply for help?

Complete a People for People Fund application form, which you can download from our website, or call our office and we will mail one to you. Please read instructions thoroughly and submit by mail, with all supporting documents. Please remember to include a telephone number where we can contact you to discuss and clarify the details of your particular situation. Both you and your significant other (if applicable) should sign the application.

What information do I need to submit with my application?

Proof of event, income, expenses and unpaid bills you seek assistance with.

Proof of unexpected event: Proof of injury, illness, hospitalization, etc.

Proof of income: Provide from all sources of income, including from those who live with you.

Current pay stubs (wages and deductions): If you have just returned to work after being out of work, provide proof of benefits received along with former pay stubs.

Current benefit statements: For employer’s short-term disability benefits (injury/illness, not work related), workers compensation benefit (injury/illness, work related), or unemployment insurance benefits, plus former pay stubs.

Pensions, annuity, alimony, child support, food stamps.

Business income, self-employment, rental income.

Proof of expenses: Current housing statement (rent, mortgage, property tax). Include rent subsidy, if applicable, and utilities statement (electric, gas, oil, etc.)

The unpaid bill(s) you request help with. If the request is for repairs, at least two estimates are required. Vehicle information is required, including drivers license, vehicle registration and title, auto insurance and auto loan statement (if applicable) for any event or bill related to a vehicle.

Do I have to have a job?

Your household should be self-supporting, have a steady work history and work-related income.

The primary focus of this fund is to help individuals who are normally working, with a long and steady history of being self-supporting. They have been taking care of their own needs, but are unable to do so when a recent, sudden and unexpected event has caused a temporary financial emergency. It is expected that with our minor assistance (there are budgetary limits and restrictions), the problem will be resolved and self-support continues.

How does the process work?

Once we receive your application, you are given a file number. Applications are generally reviewed in the order they are received.

A volunteer will then contact you by phone and/or mail to discuss and clarify your situation. This is so they have a clear understanding of your problem and need, along with what steps you have taken to resolve the situation yourself. You may be asked to submit missing and/or additional information. They may make suggestions for other resources that may be available to you.

A volunteer also might verify information with applicable agencies, organizations, individuals and creditors. In other words, we may speak with your landlord, utility provider, auto insurance agent, auto repair garage, etc. We need to confirm what payment is needed for them to provide continued services for you. If you are involved with or have an application with another relief organization, we may also be in contact with them.

If you get my application today, will you work on it today?

The time frame depends on how many applications we have received and how many volunteers we have to work on them. We do our best to get through them as quickly as possible.

How long does it take?

Once a volunteer begins to work on your application and all requested information is received and verified, it may take approximately two weeks for a determination.

Do I have to take the day off from work to come and see you?

No. We do not need to meet with you in person. We do a telephone interview to discuss and clarify your particular situation and need. You may be asked to submit additional information to support your circumstances. Our focus is on those working and self-supporting; you should not have to lose pay while seeking assistance. This would only compound your difficulties.

I spoke with one volunteer and then after I sent in more information, I got a call from a different volunteer. Why don't I get assigned just one worker?

Our office is staffed by unpaid volunteers. Each volunteer generously donates a few hours of their time, generally one day per week. It would not be fair to you if we had you wait a full week or more to have the same volunteer review the information you sent. Each volunteer will try to complete an open file they have been working on first before they move on to the next file waiting for attention.

If I am approved, how is payment made?

No payment is made directly to you. If approved, the payment goes directly to the vendor. You will also be sent a letter confirming the details of the assistance granted, so you would have a receipt for your records.

How will I be notified if my application has been approved or denied?

You will be notified in writing; in addition, you may be notified by phone.

I have a termination notice from my utility. Will you call and tell them you're sending me an application?

No. We will not call the utility company until we have received your completed application. But you should be in contact with your utility company to discuss payment agreement options and other resources. Please let them know what actions you are taking to resolve the matter yourself in addition to what agencies you may have contacted.

I know someone who may need help; can I nominate them for a grant? I think they may be "too proud" to request help themselves.

You cannot apply on their behalf because personal information is obtained. We will also need to speak to them directly. You probably are not privy to the whole story or details. But we urge you to speak to them about our fund. Perhaps you could persuade them to contact us. Let us send you an application so you have it on hand when you have that next neighborly conversation, and do express your concern to them. Maybe they didn’t realize anyone even noticed them.

I have public assistance, but it is "not ever enough" to cover all my bills. Will you help?

Sorry, generally no. We do not have the budget or resources to supplement the government. We do not provide ongoing assistance.

I have temporary assistance through Social Services. They have sanctioned me for 90 days and they stopped my benefits. Will you pay my rent?

Probably not. You have certain requirements and obligations tied to receiving those benefits. If you fail to comply with all those requirements it is not unforeseen that you would be penalized for it. You had not been self-supporting.

Can you reapply after being rejected?

Yes. Hopefully your situation has improved or may benefit from your submission of additional information. If not, you cannot expect a different outcome.

You helped me last year or in the past. Can I apply again? Do I have to submit another application since you already have my information?

Yes. However, it is not our purpose to provide “annual assistance.” We understand that catastrophic events can touch a household more than once in a lifetime. You must complete a new application and submit it with all current documents. Your application will then be evaluated as to what is this unexpected event, along with a review of circumstances last year and the amount of aid previously provided. We do have budgetary limits and restrictions. We generally discourage chronic applications.

Are there things you will not help with?

Yes. We do not assist with credit card payments, legal fees, motor vehicle fees, restitutions, tickets or fines. We do not assist with your alimony or child support obligations. In addition, we do not assist with security deposits or the purchase of vehicles. There may be other items not listed.

I see stories in the newspaper about people you have helped. If I apply, will the newspaper actually see and have access to my application?

No. The Times Herald-Record and its reporters do not have access to your file or review your personal documents.

But, during our annual promotional/fundraising campaign, the Times Herald-Record does print stories of some of the people we have been able to help during the past year. We do ask your permission to use your case; your name is not published, unless you prefer otherwise. Once your permission is granted, a reporter would contact you directly to discuss how we had been able to assist you in your time of need; you only disclose as many details as you feel comfortable with. Your unique story and the challenges you had help us to promote goodwill so we may continue to assist others in your community in their time of need. Your anonymous story helps to pay it forward.

Is the information you collect from me private?

Yes. We do not share information without your consent. But per your signed release on the application form, we do verify information with applicable agencies, organizations, individuals and creditors. This is to assess your immediate need and if there are other agencies and programs that may assist you as well. This is an information-gathering process before an approval or denial can be made or determined.

Are there any tax implication to my grant?

No. We are a non-profit agency, paying a bill on your behalf. The grant is a gift and is far below any amount that would have tax implications.