By Fina Badolato
For the Times Herald-Record

You could call him a real go-getter. For many years, this hard-working Sullivan County man not only labored steadily full time, he took on side jobs to keep himself and his disabled wife financially stable.

Unfortunately, the husband’s sudden diagnosis of stage 3 colon cancer shook that stability off its foundation. First chemo treatments, then surgery followed; sadly, the family’s up-to-date bills began falling behind. They faced an overwhelming obstacle that could confront any one of us.

It was imperative that the man keep making his car payments, so he would have transportation to his medical appointments. But this couple, both in their 50s, now needed a hand up. The emergency circumstances of this steadily employed, self-supporting person made him a good candidate for help from The Times Herald-Record’s People for People Fund.

For more than three decades, the Fund – thanks to the generosity of local donors – has provided one-time, temporary emergency financial assistance to qualified residents of Orange, Sullivan and Ulster counties in New York, and part of Pike County, Pa. The expectation is that recipients will go back to being self-supporting afterward.

“He expected to return to work by early summer, but things took a turn for the worst,” explained Marsi Clark, executive director of the Fund. His disease progressed to stage 4. “He was doing the right thing, and then he got struck down with cancer.”

Thanks to financial assistance from the Fund with car payments and insurance, these recipients were helped back onto a path of stability, because of the generosity of folks like you and me.

“I definitely wouldn’t have survived without People for People,” said the Sullivan County man, who is continuing to undergo cancer treatment. “They were great, and Marsi (Clark) was phenomenal. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.”

Adding that he has good days and bad, this Fund recipient keeps his spirits up: “I just stay as positive as possible.” And that, in great part, is thanks to the benevolence of local People for People Fund donors.

About the Fund

The People for People Fund offers a one-time grant to steadily employed local people who have normally been self-supporting until an unexpected financial emergency arises. The Fund’s assistance should significantly resolve the problem and help the individual resume financial stability.

Since 1985, the Fund has helped thousands of local people. To learn more about contributing, volunteering or applying for help, call (845) 343-1663. Donations by credit card can also be made via The Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan NY at: